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Our services 

For all services and consultancy we deliver we guarantying measurable improvements and a positive impact on you company. 

SIT bc provides services and/or consultancy  in the following areas: 

·     Defining Business Objectives, Business Goals and Business Risk

·     Risk management

·     Business Governance and Business Management

·     Business Process Redesign

·     Information Security & Privacy.

·     IT-Management,

·     IT (Security-) architecture,

·     Information security,

·     Awareness and behavioral change management

·     Organizational change management, 

·     information Processing, 

·     information (Security) Technology, 

·     Assessments and Auditing ,

·     (Pre-)certification for GDPR and/or other International standards, like ISO2700x, BIO, Nen7510 and PCI 

We have the power, the knowledge, the best practices, organization empathy and social skills to realize measurable improvements in the nerves of your business.  Improvements can be realized in the area of people, (awareness and behavior), processes and/or technology. 

We offer Interim Management, advice, consultancy and services as well as software if needed to realize those improvements. 

Please feel free to contact us without any obligation for more information!